employees-wearing-custom-uniformsYou have worked hard to build your company, and every decision you've made has led you to this place. Your products and services stand out from the competition. Congrats - your business is a success! But you may be missing a vital piece of the puzzle that will help you grow to the next level. Take a look at your company image - it's directly linked to the image that your staff and employees portray to your customers, and how the marketplace sees (and values) your business.

Here at EmbroidMe San Diego, everything we do is in support of San Diego businesses, helping them deliberately portray a carefully crafted image of their own choosing in the marketplace. One of the ways this is done is by providing workers with custom uniforms, rather than allowing employees to come to work in their street clothes. Consider these four ways that uniforms benefit a business:

1. Excellent Form Of Advertising

Getting the word out about your business is how you gain new customers and remind current customers that you're still around. You might buy radio, television, print and internet advertising and you may even have your company vehicles wrapped, but, that isn't enough. If your employees interact directly with your customers, they have a lot to do with your company image. Employees can be a great source of marketing, if they are wearing a custom uniform with your company name and logo plainly visible. Whenever a customer or member of the public sees them, whether at a trade show, or on a company errand, they'll be reminded of your business.


2. Instills Trust In Your Company

One of the most important things that you can do to improve your business is to become a trusted source of goods, services, or information. Although you build trust with your customers by building upon these things, they are not the only factors to consider. Your employee's appearance also plays a major role in building trust. When your employees are outfitted with custom uniforms, you can be assured of a consistently professional look, making your company appear more successful. This increases the level of trust that is felt both by customers and by business partners.

custom-uniforms-for-company-sports-team3. Encourages Team Behavior

Feeling as though you are part of a team working towards the same goal is a powerful thing. Consider the impact that sports uniforms have on professional and amateur teams alike. Those uniforms signify that each member of the team is working towards the same goal and that they will stick together. Even the fans of sports teams wear uniforms in support of their favorite team. Custom uniforms for your employees helps them feel more connected as a team and more motivated to work harder to accomplish goals together.

4. A More Secure Environment

Security is a major concern for businesses of all sizes and there are many ways to ensure that your company grounds are safe. Installing security alarms, video surveillance cameras, and having guards on duty are all means of securing your property. Another, less obvious means of doing this is by requiring employees to wear a uniform. With a custom uniform, your company information as well as the employees name and position can be included. This gives instant recognition of employees for customers as well as ensuring that only authorized employees are allowed in specific areas.

Check out our video to learn about how to design a custom uniform for your business!

If you would like to learn more about  custom uniforms, or you'd like a quote, contact us. We will be happy to discuss your options and to come up with a design that suits both your company and your staff perfectly.