custom-embroidery-shirtsAn effective marketing strategy is critical to developing your company's brand. In a world where many are stressing the use of social media and online marketing, it's important to not neglect the effect of tangible, eye-appealing promotional items, such as those that include custom embroidery. While the options for embroidered clothing and accessories are almost endless, here are four ways to market your business using this method.

  1. Provide uniforms for employees. Embroidered shirts for employees is usually the first piece of the strategy. Embroidered shirts give your employees a clean, polished look. They also help customers easily identify who works for you, improving overall customer service and providing visual re-enforcement. Even employees who do not interact with the public will often wear their shirts to and from work, leaving the image of your company with all they meet. 
  2. Don't forget employees' families. Spouses and even children can be great sources of free advertising. Think about including child-size shirts, baseball caps, embroidered tote bags, lunch bags or any other useful items in your strategy. Think out of the box. For example, is the child of an employee having a school event where your custom clothing could be used as door prizes? Custom-embroidery-on-childs-cap
  3. Think higher-end. Give items that people will want to wear, in and out of the office. What about a nice dress shirt instead of a polo? Additionally, don't overlook the fact that your female employees will prefer a fitted style. If higher-end styles don't fit your budget, think about using them for gifts or prizes. Reward your top sellers or employees with embroidered jackets, hoodies or beach towels. 
  4. Don't be too tight-fisted. Budget is always a consideration for any marketing budget. However, come up with a plan that allows you to give away promotional items and supply your associates with a certain amount to give away. Reward customers, business partners and attendees at conventions or trade shows with your custom apparel. Consider it an investment in your marketing and branding strategy. 

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