fundraising-kids-custom-tshirt-printingFundraising is an integral part of most organizations, from scout troops to schools.  When your fundraising group contains mostly children, it is very important to keep them safe during the event.  Whether you are doing door-to-door fundraising, a large event, or a booth, custom t-shirt printing can help ensure that your group stays safe and has a successful fundraiser.

Custom t-shirts can be made in any color, and with your organization's logo, your fundraising goal, or the name of the fundraising event printed directly on the shirt.  Choosing bright colors is an excellent way to identify the members of your group, making them easy to spot, organize, and to keep in a safe location as necessary.  

colored-teams-custom-tshirt-printingUsing various colors for your group can help you sort members into teams, age groups, goals, or any other division.  Various colors also allow members to spot each other and their team leaders quickly, and to stay at their designated location.  Colored t-shirts will allow you to identify group members from any angle, without the need to read the text or logo on their shirt front.

Bright colored t-shirts also help your group to be spotted more easily in the dark, or with very little light.  Fluorescent colors are extra visible, even in low lighting situations, making the wearers much easier to spot.  You can also have the t-shirts printed with reflective ink, making your group even safer at night.

Aside from custom t-shirts, make sure your group has a location to meet at if they are separated.  Quiz each member of the group, to ensure that they know this location.  Try to keep your group as small as possible,to reduce the risk of anyone getting lost or injured.  

fun-run-custom-printed-tshirtsIf you are working with children, make sure they know the name and contact information of the group leader, as well as the name and purpose of the event.  This will help others locate you or your group, should the child become lost at any time during the event.

With a little planning, any fundraising event can be fun, successful, and safe.  To learn more about the variety of custom t-shirts and other items for your group, please contact us today.