screen-printing-versus-garment-printingScreen printed t-shirts look fantastic. We love them. But in some cases screen printing isn’t your best option. Fortunately we have other options including Garment Printing (aka Digital Printing).

When should you consider Garment Printing?

  1. Small orders – The minimum quantity for screen printing is 12 shirts, but quantities less than 25 are generally pretty expensive. With garment printing, there is no minimum. We can even print just one!

  2. Lots of colors in your design – When screen printing, every color has to be applied individually and labor charges are priced accordingly. With garment printing, we can print one color or 50, all for the same price. We can even print photos! 

  3. You want to avoid stocking issues – With garment printing, you don’t need to buy a large stock at once so you don’t run the risk of getting stuck with a bunch of sizes you don’t need. Order only what you need. You can always order more later on.

  4. It’s faster. You should generally allow 2 weeks for screen printing. With garment printing, we can even print rush orders. You will have to pay more for this service, but it’s a great solution when time is of the essence.

    Watch the video below for more information on what to consider when designing shirts!

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