Gifts for Employees 

Employers have many reasons for gifting employees with promotional clothing. Whether celebrating company milestones, kicking off new initiatives, promoting brand awareness, encouraging staff to volunteer in the community, or promoting a positive culture at work, employers often give workers some kind of gift of promotional clothing as part of the celebration.


Promoting the Company 

Promotional clothing tends to be a popular gift, especially when it's a quality piece of apparel that can be worn more than just in the workplace. If you want the apparel to see longer use, make sure it's a nice enough item that people will want to wear it after the obligatory group photo has been taken. Of course the big group photos with everybody wearing the same shirt are fun (and great for promoting your company), but you'll get more promotional value if people wear their logo apparel longer -- wearing their company tshirt at the gym, or throwing on their branded fleece to go to the supermarket. Why not let your people subtly promote the company to their friends and acquaintances while they're socializing and on the weekends? 

The Right Balance

A promotional shirt, jacket or hat is relatively straightforward to order, easy to distribute, well received, long lasting, and provides clear marketing benefit. The IRS even recognizes branded apparel as a tax-deductible business marketing expense! But don't wait until the end of your fiscal year to order. Plan on several different pieces throughout the year, and your employees will always have something new and fresh to present to the world, helping to keep your company top of mind and building brand awareness in the community. Contact us to learn more about how to select the right promotional clothing.