custom-work-shirts-for-casual-fridayIf you are trying to come with a thoughtful and fun gift for your employees, keep in mind (as my staff likes to remind me) that most employees prefer cash bonuses rather than work parties or gifts. However, if you want to do something beyond tacking a bonus onto a paycheck, here's an idea: institute Casual Fridays in your workplace.

Even if your office space requires fairly formal attire, you can have custom work shirts made that suit any level of dressiness, from tshirts, to denim work shirts, to polo shirts, to wear-the-tail-out casual dress shirts. You can choose to put your company logo and motto on the work shirts, or you can use the shirts to showcase your company values or vision. Let your employees know that they will be allowed to dress down on Fridays (or even just one Friday a month) when they wear these custom shirts to work, and watch the smiles come out.

A gift of a Casual Friday policy is a gift your employees will appreciate all year long. If you're not sure you have the design chops to pull off a hip, interesting t-shirt that will still positively reflect your company culture, you can set up a design contest and offer a small prize to whoever designs the winning work shirt.

For a few design ideas and tips, check out the video below!

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