Dress code is something that every employer has to address at some point. Whether you're having issues with the comfort, style, and function of your current uniforms, or experiencing challenges associated with employee's inappropriate clothing choices, we're here to help. Especially in places where most of the staff are expected to deal with customers, we're experienced at helping you create an employee uniform that is comfortable, durable, and even stain and wrinkle resistant, so you can stop worrying about what people are wearing to work, and focus on the important business of taking care of your customers.

The question is how to design a uniform for your staff that your employees actually won't mind wearing. We've all heard the stories and seen a few real-life examples of work uniforms gone wrong and no one wants to accidentally make their employees look goofy or uncomfortable. To help you design the perfect uniform, we've put together a few notes.

Comfortable and Practical

The first and most important factor when choosing the aspects of your employee's future uniforms is comfort and practicality. Ideally, the uniforms will serve in the work environment even better than clothes brought from home. This means that the clothing needs to be flexible, breathable, and reasonably soft. It should also reflect the temperature and hazard level of your workspace. Make sure that you have the right thickness of fabric and length of sleeve to keep your staff both comfortable and safe. Do you need breathable fabrics, fade-resistant material, or stain and wrinkle-resistant treatments?

Employee Uniforms                                                                                                         

Modest and Flattering

The second purpose of an employee uniform is to bring down instances of inappropriate dress like short skirts or "fashion don'ts" that make the company look bad. to avoid these possibilities entirely, your uniform shirts must be both modest and flattering. Even if your staff is valued to a certain extent on their attractiveness, as with wait staff in many venues, it's still important that the uniform shirts be 100% "safe for work" in any business casual environment and contribute to the employee's dignity and respectability in the eyes of the customers.

On the flip-side of this, your uniform shirts also need to not make your employees look like clowns. Be careful about very bright colors and remember to favor colors and styles that flatter most skin tones and body shapes. This way, your staff will be able to look professional and serious while wearing the uniform on the job.

Team Color-Coded

It's hard to realize just how important colors are to the human psyche until you see it in person. One of the biggest slow-downs for most retail and service venues occurs when customers approach the wrong associate. We suggest subtly altering the colors from one team to the next. If your cashiers wear sky blue, your managers wear dark blue, and your service help personnel wear teal, customers will learn to spot the shirt color of the service they need. This is also quite useful for coordinating team efforts simply because you can sort people visually in an instant by shirt color. Choose the colors for your employee uniforms strategically and the organization benefits will create themselves.

Names and Logos

Finally, nothing makes an employee feel more like part of the team like a personally embroidered shirt. Start with the company emblem and if your team likes the shirts, consider making each of them a week's-worth set with their own names embroidered on the front pockets instead of name tags. This is not only a great way to incentivize your employees to enjoy their uniforms, it' also creates a greater sense of respect and permanence between the staff members and customers.

Building the right uniform for your team is a challenging task but it's far from impossible. Here at EmbroidMe, we can handle all your custom uniform needs from embroidered safety hats to branded water bottles to keep the team hydrated. Most of all, we love to make comfortable, functional work shirts with your logo and employee names embroidered wherever you want. For more employee uniform tips or to design your own custom team uniforms through our services, contact us today!