pass-out-custom-promotional-productsHalloween is a great time for retail stores and organizations to promote. Think about it. Instead of having to go out and find people to tell about your business or spend hours online trying to promote yourself, hundreds of people will be coming to you. Of course, the kids will be expecting candy, but the parents that accompany them will appreciate a "goody" and remember you with goodwill. You can also provide imprinted bags for kids to collect their sugary treasure in. 

Depending on what route you'd like to take with your advertising this Halloween, custom promotional products can't be beat. Of course, you'll need to think outside the box as you could reach a lot of people with a single item with your name on it.

Lights for Safety and Fun


There are many different types of promotional lights you can give away leading up to Halloween night. Depending on whether you are gearing toward teens, adults, children, or all three, you could choose a specific type of flashlight. Below are just a few types of lights you might choose:

  • regular flashlights
  • light-up key rings
  • small flashlights with wrist band
  • ink pens with built-in flashlight
  • easy squeeze key chains
  • small tape measure with flashlight
  • lanyard with flashlights
  • and many more!

Pumpkin Stress Relievers


Adults and children alike love stress relief balls. Since Halloween goes hand-in-hand with jack-o-lanterns, why not pass out pumpkin-shaped stress balls? Parents can use them and kids will take them everywhere! This would certainly be a special treat that spreads the word about your business or organization.

Tote Bags

You could hand out either disposable or reusable tote bags to all the kids at a local school for them to use as their treat bag that night. Whether made of paper, plastic, or cloth, the bag with your logo or name will be seen by hundreds of other parents trick-or-treating, and can also be used for other things throughout the entire year! Parents are always looking for bags to carry crayons, coloring books, and other items as they go on outings.


Reflective Beanies

Halloween night is also a dangerous time of the year when kids can't be seen in dark clothing. Give kids and parents reflective beanies with your logo and keep them safe. These beanies will not only serve to keep them safe during trick-or-treating, they will keep serving their advertising purpose throughout the cold winter months.

No matter what you decide to use, Halloween is a great time to start your promotions since the busiest time of year is right around the corner - Christmas! If you have something specific in mind, contact us and we'll see what we can do!