embroidery-on-hatsMaking a statement about your company brand doesn't have to end with shirts and wristbands. Hats are a fun accessory that everyone can wear, perfect for any organization's gifting and branding needs. Your events warrant memorable branding apparel, and matching embroidered hats goes a long way in making business branding count.

Graduation Commemoration

This is a time to remember. During this time, students have spent a ton on cap and gowns, special graduation trips, and other graduation expenses, and will be less likely to purchase clothes on a recreational shop. Special graduation grab bags are a unique way to give students unique commemoration items. Embroidered hats with your custom university logo are a fun way keep it casual and stylish while ensuring your graduated students always remember their Alma mater.



People who enjoy the freedom of outside work also deal with its downsides as well: hot temperature and searing sun make hats a trade secret for keeping eyes protected and faces clear of sunburn. Farm employers looking for a way to blend professionalism with utility can take advantage of hat embroidery services.

Charity Events

Non-profits understand the importance of giving-back to the people who do just that for their communities, whether local or world-wide! Merchandise grab bags accentuate your brand while showing appreciation to donors and other attendees assisting your non-profit. Hats are usually one-size fits all, eliminating the need for worrying over shirt sizes.

Find out more about the process of ordering embroidered hats with us at EmbroidMe San Diego in the video bellow!

The best things about hats are their versatility. They come in a variety of styles for different tastes: beanies, baseball, ascot, and flat caps are all examples of hats that can be tastefully embroidered with your organization's logo. Any questions? Feel free to contact us regarding any of your hat embroidery needs.