custom-scrubsCustom scrubs can be a fun way to make new employees at a hospital, medical center or health-related business, feel welcomed and invested in their new employment by allowing them to come up with their own fun, quirky designs. But scrubs can also be a great asset at fundraisers in a number of ways.

  • Raffles are a popular event at fundraisers. It’s typical to have one or two big prizes and then a handful of smaller ones. This ensures that more people win, and even if they’ve only won something small, it will still make them feel happy. A few custom scrubs or other customized medical apparel, with your company name on one side and the name of the charity you are raising money for on the other, would make a fun giveaway in the raffle as some of the smaller prizes and be a reminder even after the event is over, that they can give all year round.
  • For fundraisers that are raising money for a children’s hospital, a fun idea would be to enlist some of the children at the hospital to actually help design custom scrubs for your employees to wear at the events. It’s a creative, physical reminder to people, of what the money is being raised for.
  • Even better is if some of the children from the hospital are present at the fundraiser and are given custom shirts with their designs on them as well. Guests at the event will certainly remember seeing children, doctors and employees alike, wearing designs that the children created.
  • child-art-to-be-used-at-medical-fundraiserDepending on the number of donations you expect to receive at the fundraiser, purchase one or more custom scrubs and a few markers. When someone makes a donation, allow them to sign their name to the scrub. After the event you can then frame the signed scrub and hang it up in your office. If the fundraiser is an annual event, you can display the scrub next year to show people that their donations aren’t only remembered but deeply appreciated.
  • You can also use scrubs as an alternative to a guest book. When guests arrive encourage them to sign their name on a scrub, maybe including a message to the hospital, charity or people you are trying to help.

You want your fundraiser to be memorable. You want it to stand out in people’s minds. Using custom scrubs at key points during the evening is a great way to accomplish that. Please feel free to contact us if you want to learn more.