company-uniforms-benefit-businessAccording to a survey done by the Uniform and Textile Services Association, 60% of consumers and businesses prefer to buy from companies whose employees wear uniforms. Not only that, but about 75% of working adults who are required to wear company uniforms report that they actually prefer wearing a uniform to work.

Here are a few more benefits to consider:

  1. Strengthens unity. Implementing a company uniform takes away unnecessary competitiveness in the wardrobe department, and eliminates even inadvertent workplace prejudice toward employees that stand out as being better-or worse-dressed than their peers.

  2. May keep employees safer. Depending on the type of activities involved, uniforms can be specified to be flame retardant or can be selected to be close fitting to avoid getting caught in fast-moving machinery.

  3. Presents a more established, respectable image.

  4. Good advertising for your company. The best part: not only are uniforms beneficial for your employees, but they also serve as business promotion for your company. So put your people in uniform, and get your company noticed!

Check out this video to start creating your company uniform today!

Remember, uniforms don't have to be an elaborate. A simple embroidered shirt for your logo on it is a good place to start. For more information on how we can help create your company uniform, contact us or visit our showroom on Balboa Avenue!