custom-non-profit-t-shirtMost everyone wants to find ways to attract more attention to issues they care about. You want people to think about your cause often, to engage others in conversation about it, and generally spread the word. And dare we say, act as evangelists, right? Why not use custom t-shirts as a means to inspire these things to happen? It's been working for years. Print your fabulous custom art or intriguing, inspirational message on a comfortable, stylish t-shirt, and watch the magic happen. Here are just a few ways to use custom t-shirts for your non-profit marketing strategy:

Custom T-shirts Raise Awareness

Maybe you're trying to raise money for your local ASPCA so they can expand living quarters for new rescues. Maybe you want everyone to know about volunteer opportunities at the local food bank. Whatever your cause, let everyone know its important to you. Order shirts with an engaging graphic or saying on the front and contact information on the back. Your people essentially become a walking advertisement for your cause. You never know who might see it and become another great asset to that charity, just like you! Ever asked somebody about their t-shirt? Yep, t-shirts can be a great conversation starter!

custom-t-shirtsReward People with T-shirts

Most people are competitive by nature. If you give them something to compete for, they become even more competitive. Make t-shirts to recognize your 'winners.' For instance, if you host a 5K walk to raise money for literacy in third world countries, let all the participants know that everyone who raises at least $100 gets a t-shirt. People will try just a little bit harder. You'll generate a little more money for your cause. Now, not only are you giving the runners something to compete for, when they wear the shirt, they also become walking advertisements for the cause you care about. Ba-zinga! That's a definite win-win.

Simply Sell Your Custom T-shirts

Set up a booth at your local fair or festival and sell custom t-shirts. The more visually appealing, the better the quality of the garment and the print, and of course the more affordable the price, the better you will do with this approach. Chances are, your outreach efforts will help you find like-minded individuals interested in your cause. They will feel good about purchasing a shirt whose proceeds go to charity, and wear it proudly for the world to see. And they'll be reminded of your cause every time they see or wear that shirt, will engage in conversation with other people about it, resulting in opening the door for recruiting even more people to help with your good works.

Watch our video for tips on how to design your next custom t-shirt!

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