Effective promotion does not just happen. While the end result of a successful and seamless campaign looks effortless to the consumer, it takes a lot of determination and creativity. That is because effective promotional campaigns are so much more than passing out cool branded T-shirts.

What is a Promotion?


Before we get started, let's review the number one thing that holds most people back from success when using promotional products: understanding the difference between advertising and promotion.

Advertising is defined as:  "Any form of communication in the paid media." Promotion, on the other hand, is defined as: "An incentive, usually at the point of sale, intended to enhance the intrinsic value of a product or service".

Promotional products are a hybrid: items that are custom imprinted with your logo and used for advertising and/or promotional purposes. Promotional products can be given as gifts or "earned" by having the target perform a desired activity as a requirement for receiving the item. Wrapping your promotional giveaways around a theme makes the interaction more memorable and more inspirational to the recipient, and adds value to the campaign.

Develop a Theme for the Promotion

Fundraising-Promotional-CampaignMany people find developing a theme for a promotional campaign a little intimidating, but it does not need to be. By following a few steps you can get the creativity flowing and find the perfect theme around which to build your campaign.

  1. Identify the purpose of your promotion. Do you want to improve safety in the workplace? Increase employee retention? Recognize star performers?  Encourage more participation in your company wellness plan? Perhaps you'd like to get more traffic at your tradeshow booth, or sell more of your product? Are you doing a fundraiser? Each of these goals can be served by an appropriately targeted, well-crafted promotional campaign. The first step toward success is knowing what you want to accomplish.
  2. Think about your target audience, and what interests them most.

  3. Look to trending topics in the news to see how your product fits into the landscape, or to gain inspiration for the campaign.

  4. Think of ways to tie in seasonal excitement. A campaign during football season for example, could tie in fan frenzy, team spirit or loyalty.

  5. Think about what makes you truly unique, and develop your theme around that quality.

  6. Develop tag-lines for your theme.

Incorporate Promotional Products Into Your Theme

Now for the fun part, incorporating your promotional products! Promotional product choices are nearly endless and range from hats and shirts to office products to branded food items, like cookies. Not only can you match your products to the theme, you can also use different items at different stages of the buying cycle. The sky is the limit, so let your imagination soar. Need ideas? Browse our offerings of custom imprinted promotional products. And check out these great examples of the successful use of promotional products in campaigns to increase sales, launch new products, motivate employees, fundraise, and more.

If you hit a snag in the process, don't worry. Contact us and we can provide some expert promotional product planning to help you out.