There are many businesses such as retail and security in which employees are obliged to wear traditional custom uniforms. Not only do uniforms create a neat appearance, it also makes your people easier for customers to spot. If you're concerned that your employees might feel that wearing uniforms is monotonous, here are a few ways to freshen it up:

  1. Choose a pleasing color.  If your employees have to wear the same uniform everyday, it should at least be a nice color. If you take a look at our catalog, you’ll see that you have a number of different options to choose from. You can get short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts, dress shirts or polos. All are available in a variety of colors and hues. You can choose shirts in one of your brand colors, or choose shirts in classic neutral colors as navy or white.

  2. Alternate colors and/or styles. If you'd like to mix it up a little, associate each day of the week with a particular shirt color. For example, at one doctor's office, Monday everybody wears their navy scrub tops, on Tuesday, they wear maroon, etc. You can also designate one dressier style of shirt (for example a button down collar dress shirt) that is to be worn Monday through Thursday, and then provide a more casual shirt - either a polo or a tshirt depending on your workplace, for your employees to wear on casual Friday.

  3. uniforms-kept-interestinKeep it casual. Keep your employee's spirits up by making their work attire a little more casual and comfortable if your workplace allows. Polo shirts, t-shirts and shorts or cargo pants. Button down shirts and formal work trousers always look smart but may not be as comfortable, especially if your employees have to move around a lot. So give them a break by giving them the option of wearing something a bit more casual and comfortable.

  4. Custom embroidery. Custom embroidery brightens up a uniform, and generally speaking, the more embellishment you add, the more eye-catching it is. Embroider your logo in your brand colors that contrast with the color of the shirt for greatest visibility.  For example, white and yellow look great against a dark red or dark blue background.  Or if your business is very professional or your workers need to fade into the background while still being identifiable (as in the service industries), a tone-on-tone color scheme may be most appropriate.

Watch the video for more tips on how to design your custom uniform!

Whatever your goals, contact us for more great ways to keep your custom uniform program fresh and interesting. We're here to help.