The holidays are the perfect time to amp up your branding with promotional items you might not have considered in other campaigns. While just about any promotional item can serve as a gift, there are some that can generate a warm holiday spirit which can benefit any business.

So, what does it take to make a campaign using promotional products as holiday gifts successful? It is really not as difficult as many people think.

promotional food giftChoose something indulgent.

Nothing beats getting a special gift in the mail, especially when it is something you like but not something you might have purchased for yourself. Indulgent does need to be expensive. It just needs to be extra or something considered a special treat. Branded chocolate bars or boxed truffles are the perfect example of items that make perfectly indulgent and memorable gifts.

Consider something useful to your clientele.

Think about your clientele and what they need in their everyday lives. Do they travel, sit behind a desk, cart children, or commute? Knowing your customers can lead to the best choices in branded holiday promotional products. Since promotional products come in an endless array of options, you can match the items to what your customers would use and appreciate most.

Try an assortment of items.

Most businesses have a range of customers and clients, so having a range of gifts is a great idea. Corporate or long-term clients might warrant an extra special gift such as a gift basket or high quality computer backpack. Other clients might appreciate executive games, drinkware, or personal accessories.

Try to choose something related to your business, when possible.

promotional-product-gift-packWhile not every promotional item needs to be related to your business, sometimes it is possible and works well, even when using them as a holiday gift. Travel agencies might luggage tags or duffel bags for example. Do you advocate staying hydrated? Give a combo pack of sport bottle & travel tumbler.

Choose gifts that endure.

In each category of client and price point, choose gifts that endure. Items that last and are used frequently keep your name and logo in front of your customer all year long.


Once you narrow down your customer profile and know what they do, like, or need, it is easy to choose a range of promotional products that will show how much you value them. Your efforts will not only get you remembered, it will make your business relationships more meaningful. If you want to launch a holiday gift campaign, contact us today! EmbroidMe San Diego is always ready to help.