Whether you are preparing for your first or fiftieth trade show, there are always a boatload of things to consider. Trade shows require work and investment, so getting the most possible benefit is important. One might assume that the very act of having a booth at a trade show guarantees that you will have visitors showing interest in your product or service. While it would be nice if this were so, trade shows are a microcosm of the already competitive landscape, and it is still important to generate interest (and therefore traffic) at your booth with compelling custom promotional products.


Trade show events are great because most of the attendees are already interested in a particular genre of products. The best way to leverage this treasure trove of prospects is to help those potential customers filter out distractions by offering an interest-grabbing promotional item. In fact, according to Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training, trade show attendees are 52% more likely to visit an exhibit if the both offers appealing promotional items, and if those items are used strategically.

Trade shows are essential to the success of many businesses. They can however, be a frustrating and risky investment if the available tools such as promotional products are not implemented well. Here are some helpful tips for using promotional products to get the most out of your trade show event.

custom-promotional-product-totesChoose appealing promotional products. Think about the demographic of potential attendees and what might be their interests. Choose items that wold be most helpful and attractive to them.

Think about useful items such as tote bags. While imprinted totes are not the new kid on the block, they work well for keeping your logo visible and are highly successful.

Consider using levels of promotional items. For example, if you have a list of prospects on the fence, invite them to the event and offer special promos and incentives to get those people to visit the booth.

staff-at-tradeshow-boothMake sure your staff is using and highlighting the promotional items. Try custom company shirts and offer similar shirts in contrasting colors as the giveaway. When staff is excited about the company and its offerings, it shows.

Incorporate additional giveaways based on attendee involvement. You can reward visitors with an additional surprise if they are caught wearing your gear at the event.

Get visitors back for a “grand finale” give away. Make sure all visitors to your booth know to return at a certain time for your big giveaway, and of course they must be present to win!

The key to getting the most out of an investment in promotional items specifically for tradeshow use is to understand that this is one of the few occasions where it is not just about getting long-term viability and usefulness of the product. Promotional items are key in getting those potential customers with in reach, giving you the most beneficial thing of all-- personal contact.

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