For San Diego musicians looking to advertise, nothing short of plastering every sign in America's Finest City with your band's logo can compare to custom t shirts. Not only do shirts bring in band-sustaining revenue, meaning more money for recording and touring, they're literally walking billboards declaring your band's awesomeness.

When designing your band's first t shirt, keep these tips in mind:

  • Imagine what kind of custom t shirt you or your audience would like to buy. This may seem obvious, but great bands with bad t shirts can't give them away. If your band writes joke songs, go with a funny logo on a retro baseball shirt. If your audience wears copious amounts of black eyeliner, choose gothic-hued, delicate imagery on a black t shirt. It's not a bad idea to stock at least one ladies style if your band can afford it - most women prefer the fitted look and shorter sleeves.
  • Talk to local illustrators. Mine the artistic members of your fan club and the local music community, and seek help in creating a compelling logo that even people who've never heard your band will want to wear on a custom t shirt. For the right artist, the project will be mutually beneficial; he gets to say he designed your shirt and add the piece to his portfolio, and you get a rockin' design.
  • Choose your quantity carefully. Examine the size of your fan base - your Facebook likes, your Twitter followers, friends who show up to practices - and buy a few less than you think you'll need. If you run out, that'll only increase demand for the next order.
  • After your shirts are printed, don't just leave them in the box until your next show. If you have a website, sell them online next to your CD. Approach local record shops that also carry t shirts. Most importantly, wear one yourself when you're not on stage. It may seem goofy, but if you're in a local band seeking exposure, chances are the girl at the grocery doesn't know you're wearing your own band's shirt. It won't appear ridiculous to her, and she may remember your band's name when she's flipping through the free weekly for a good show.

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