Nobel-logo-for-embroidered-shirtsWhen Nobel Learning Communities purchased the Enchanted Care Learning Center franchise a few years ago, they were very impressed with the look and feel of the school. However, at the time of the sale, the employees had no dress code to follow. Nobel wanted to have their employees wear professional attire to show that their teachers were professional and capable of caring for the children at the center. Nobel decided to outfit their employees with a logo on their shirts just below the lapel.


Professional look

Every teacher was outfitted with the same polo, giving the company a unified and professional look. By establishing a dress code, Nobel ensured that all employees came to work in appropriate attire and had the look of a professional teacher. The company logo also helped serve as free advertising when the teachers were out on field trips and other company outings.

Teachers took their job more seriously

As a teacher myself at the time the custom polo's became available, I noticed an improvement in myself as far as taking my job more seriously as well as in my peers. By looking and feeling the part of a professional, my peers and I made better lesson plans and participated in more activities without fear of ruining our own clothing.


Parents saw the teachers as professionals

We also noticed that parents began to see us as professionals instead of glorified babysitters. By wearing embroidered polos, it made parents understand that the teachers were more than just caretakers, they were there to help educate and guide their children. 

Rise in enrollment

After the dress code was put into place, there was a rise in enrollment. New families who viewed the center commented on the look of the employees and how the center looked like a professional learning environment. The logo helped people to see the quality of care the center provided to it's students.

The way a company presents itself can play a big part in its success or failure. When working with the public, you want your brand to be recognized and acknowledged as a professional business.

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