San Diego is a great place for delivery services. Southern California is very car-centric which makes ordering things in bulk tempting for people who can't spend all their time driving. We also have a lot of people who live in La Jolla who order from their favorite restaurants, which makes delivery services in demand. Not surprisingly, there are at least 40 delivery services or companies who deliver their products to residential homes in our area. How can your company stand out from the competitors? EmbroidMe San Diego's solution is t-shirts with your logo. Here is how we think they will help you.

Customer Friendly

The delivery business is all about customer relations. Your drivers will spend a lot of time interacting with the public, your managers and assistants at the hub will spend a lot of time with people who pick up their packages there, and your sales force will spend a lot of time selling to people. With all that customer contact, you want your employees to present a uniformly cool look.

Improves Accountability

It helps that these t-shirts will make the employee's position and place of business is clear as crystal, too. Customers will recognize who works for you and report which ones made them feel like doing more business with your company and which ones you should fire for annoying people. This level of transparency will keep employees on their toes and models of customer service since, as this Canon article says, improved accountability improves productivity. The employees will feel called upon to own their part in 

the customer service chain and strive to do their best. 

Preserves Clothing

Dealing with packages is dirty work. People in San Diego order a lot of food, gardening equipment, and auto repair stuff, which can wind up on your employees' clothing. People who work for you will be grateful for a shirt dedicated to their job so that they don't soil clothing for other occasions. They will also appreciate having spare shirts around so that they can change into something crisp when, say, a shipment of mulch gets on them. This will keep them looking professional and feeling ready to work all day.

Gives The Right Impression

Logo t-shirts have the right vibe for a delivery company based in San Diego. It reflects our laid-back attitude and commitment to a work-life balance. T-shirts are the ultimate San Diego apparel, being perfect for our warm climate, and a beautiful logo reflects our natural creativity. This makes your company obviously local for people who want to support San Diego's business community, especially since the company making the shirts is local, too.

Spreads Your Fame

Your average person has neighbors, and those neighbors see who is making deliveries to others. When they see your distinctive logo t-shirts on your delivery drivers, their curiosity will be piqued. They will ask who is delivering all that nice stuff so promptly and efficiently to your customer. From there, it is a short step to having new customers for your business. At least, they will think of you when they need your services. Word of mouth is a powerful vehicle for spreading business, so you want to encourage it whenever you can, and a pretty logo t-shirt is a great way to get that word spreading.

The Bottom Line

Delivery companies and companies who deliver their products directly to their customers are in a pretty cut-throat environment, and each company can use an edge. If you think that EmbroidMe San Diego's fine logo t-shirt's can get you that edge, contact us. We have years of experience designing and creating them for businesses and we can't wait to help you out.