Family reunions are an important thing for families to do every now and then. Especially if your family is spread throughout the country or the world, hosting an event for the sole purpose of reuniting family is essential. Perhaps some members will meet others they have never met before. Maybe you will find out you have something in common with a distant family member and you will become closer. Maybe everyone will get one last chance to honor a family member that is getting older and may not be around for much longer. The possibilities are endless.

One way to make a family reunion extra special is by ordering custom logo t-shirts for family members to wear during the event. Ordering custom printed tshirts is easy with EmbroidMe San Diego. We are a local San Diego business that does all sorts of screen printing and embroidery for businesses and individuals. 


How to Order Logo Tshirts

  1. Browse our catalog of t-shirts so you can pick the best style and color for the family.
  2. Play with clip art, hire a graphic designer, or if you have someone that likes to draw in your family he or she can make a sketch on the back of a napkin to come up with something great. We'll work with whatever you've got.
  3. If you aren't sure about the design or want our opinion on the size of the logo or style, we are happy to offer our expertise. Just contact us and we would love to help.
  4. We'll help you choose the right shirts to set off your artwork, and make sure your group gets noticed. We'll give you a firm price, then you, order and sit back and let us do all the work. .
  5. Wear your logo t-shirts with pride during the reunion and after!

The Benefits of Logo T-shirts for Reunions

There are a lot of benefits to creating logo t-shirts for family reunions. The first one being—it's just fun! A family reunion is a memorable event and custom shirts just add to the fun. Shirts also give people something to remember the event by, like a party favor. You could even have every family member sign the back of each shirt with a permanent marker to enhance the memory. 

Another thing that is important to do at family reunions is taking the opportunity to get professional photographs of everyone together. This could be a fun time to wear the shirts if you want everyone to match. If you are planning a family reunion in San Diego, here are the top-rated family photographers in the area according to Yelp. If you want to shop for a deal on photography services, check out these photographers that offer deals on the San Diego Groupon. Once you find a photographer, you can capture photos of your family as a whole, in smaller family groups, all the grandkids with the grandparents, and so on.

More Information About Custom Tees

If you have more questions about creating logo t-shirts for a family reunion, here is a question we get asked frequently. Some people want to know if screen printing or embroidery is the better option for your custom tees. Check out this blog post on our website to learn more about these processes. In general, screen printing versus embroidery is determined by the colors you want to use for the shirts and the logo, as well as the size you want for the logo. At EmbroidMe San Diego, we can help you figure out the most cost effective way to create logo t-shirts based on your vision.

So if you have a family reunion on the calendar for sometime this year, make sure you give yourself time to create custom tees for the event. You will have a great time handing them out, snapping pictures of people wearing them, and giving everyone something personalized they can take home with them.