custom-shirt-embroiderySan Diego businesses can enhance their company image with custom shirt embroidery.

Polo shirts, t-shirts, dress shirts, and many jackets can all be embellished with embroidery of a company logo, creating a uniform appearance for your staff. Marketing promotions and employee recognition programs are just two of the other ways they help make their businesses more memorable and their employees look more like a team.

Hello Incentive Device!

New product launches are always exciting! OK, maybe not always. Incorporating an incentive for your staff can be highly successful when it's time to talk to customers about contract renewals or upgrading equipment. Offering a high quality logo shirt in an attractive style to the first five employees to reach the monthly sales quota can help - and when they wear it later, it reminds everyone else which salespeople they need to outperform.  

A little friendly competition and a well-dressed staff? We call that a win-win.

employee-shirt-embroideryEmployee Dress Code Headaches Be Gone!

Employers wrestling with the thought of implementing a change in dress code policy sometimes panic. (Sure. Never happened at your place, right?) Even if "panic" doesn't quite describe your state of mind regarding a workplace dress code, the fact is, telling employees what to wear can be scary.

The good news: it's hard for employees to object to a nice shirt - perhaps in a couple of different colors - with a quality embroidered logo. Hey, don't worry; you don't have to be a designer. We make the process of getting shirt embroidery simple: (1) pick a shirt; (2) provide your logo; (3) review how your logo translates to embroidery (we'll provide a sample). Once you approve, we stitch your logo on your shirts. The whole process typically takes about a week.

Check out this video for more about designing a shirt for your business!

Contact us - we'll help you put together the shirt and logo you and your people will be proud to wear.