With the advent girl-wearing-embroidered-patch-on-jerseyof Fall, it’s time once again to crank up the schedule with all those after work (or after school) pickup games, team sports and friendly competitions. Now’s the time to get your team members excited about the season ahead, and we’ve got the perfect way to do it. We think custom embroidered patches are an excellent way to bring the team back together, incorporate new members, and provide long time participants with a way to show their pride and accomplishments. Here are some ways you can get it done:

  • embroidered-patch-for-camp-participationCreate a patch to recognize players that participated in summer training camps. 
  • Commemorate last year’s victory. Did you win your division, or perhaps have the best record in the history of your team? Celebrate that milestone with an embroidered patch that returning team members can proudly affix to their jerseys. It will also remind them of the importance of matching or exceeding that achievement this year.
  • Did your team reach another type of milestone last year—or is this coming year a special one? Create a custom embroidered patch that incorporates that milestone year (“25th Anniversary Team” or something like that) into your standard logo or team name.
  • custom-embroidered-patch-soccerGive them a surprise when you hand out this year’s roster and schedule. Create an embroidered patch with your team logo that also includes “2014-2015” and attach it to the schedule. This will give every team member something special to attach to their uniform.
  • Is your team supporting a charity with its efforts? We can help create a patch that incorporates both your logo and the charity’s.

There are many ways to use custom embroidered patches for team building, motivation and commemoration, so contact us today and let’s discuss how these patches can make your team stand out!

And if you just need a few more jerseys for the new team members added recently, we're up for that too. Have fun out there!