custom-jerseysIf you run a small business, sponsoring a local sports team or event can generate excitement among participants while also providing marketing for your business in the community. Sponsorship often takes the form of providing a banner and custom jerseys which are typically decorated with your company logo and tagline in addition to team name and player numbers. And sometimes you get to name the team after your company - i.e., the "Perry Plumbing Pirates."

There are several options when it comes to ponying up for those custom jerseys you've promised to provide.

Deluxe Custom Jerseys

At the luxury (a.k.a. "expensive") end of the spectrum are professional replica jerseys with 2 or 3 color lettering and multi-colored designs appliqued onto colorful jerseys, with individual player names and numbers, and patches or other embellishment on each sleeve. You can even go all the way and provide coordinating pants, socks, and headgear -- and yes, we can produce all of those things, complete with your logo in full technicolor. But let's face it, most small business or rec league budgets don't extend to such excesses.


The Economy Version

Let's visit the other extreme - "what's the least I can spend to meet my obligation," you may be wondering. The most economical approach will almost always be to print tshirts, with the minimal amount of variable information that is required. That means, skip the player names, and only put player numbers on the back of the shirt. Depending on the quantities involved it may be more economical to have the shirts digitally printed, rather than screen printed, in which case you may be limited to certain shirt colors in order to accommodate the digital printing process.


Just Right

When you want to do more than just the minimum, a lot of small businesses find that best value comes from purchasing stock jerseys (we have plenty of options in both traditional and retro styles for football, baseball, hockey, etc.) and adding 1 color vinyl numbers on the back, and a team name and/or sponsor logo on the front, either by vinyl or by embroidery, depending on the artwork.

So if you're determined to make the excitement of local sports work for your business, contact us or visit our showroom for information before you design the jerseys you have to have but can't afford. We'll start with your budget and help you find a design that meets your needs and that you'll also be happy to wear.