John Heywood is famous for saying "Many Hands Make Light Work."  His proverb is more famous than he is, and rightly so because his simple words are a great reminder to all of us that even huge problems can be solved quickly when everyone helps.

custom-t-shirtsYour company or organization can help make the work load lighter in your community by actively participating in service projects and finding ways to volunteer your time and talents to help people in need. It is easy to think one person can not make a difference, but your organization can provide real solutions for your community when you make a concerted effort together. Think of the total man hours you can put into a volunteer effort when 25, 50 or 100 of you all commit a few hours each month.

service-project-custom-t-shirtsIf your company or organization is planning to participate in community service projects, consider ordering custom t-shirts for the participants. The t-shirts will identify your group to the community. Any time you engage in your community it is important for people to see that your company loves to give back and stay involved.

Also, custom t-shirts have the added benefit of providing a small incentive for people within your company or organization to participate. Matching t-shirts add to the bonding experience for everyone who is working on a project together, and provides motivation to those who couldn't fit a service project into their schedule (especially if you let employees wear them to work in lieu of business attire one day a week) to make a stronger effort to participate next time.

Check out our video for tips on keeping your t-shirt-designs affordable!

For more information on how custom printed t-shirts with your company name and logo can help your neighbors in the community identify your company when you are participating in service projects, please contact us, we'd love to help!