tshirt-packaging-canAn ordinary giveaway can be turned into a major event when you dress up your custom t-shirts with special package and presentation ideas. Consider these suggestions for turning your shirts into a memorable experience.

Sometimes it’s okay to mail people a standard polybag or put out a few cardboard boxes sorted by size and let folks pick out a shirt for themselves. Other times, you may need to stand out. The Internet is full of creative ideas for showing off your shirts. These are some of our favorites.                   

Package a Surprise: Cardboard boxes containing a shirt seem more entertaining when you expect them to have their usual products inside like take out cartons, meat trays, boxes for pizza delivery, or a deck of playing cards. The same goes for phony beer bottles and paint cans. In some cases you can order the real thing from vendors or work with a paper supply, party favors or custom box company to get what you need.


Play on words: It’s difficult to resist a pun. Think of tees or teas for your t-shirt. Put them in a container made for golf tees and balls or in a tea pot. You can even make your own oversized tea bags from gauze with a shirt inside and your company name printed on a hanging cardboard tag. Large empty tea bags can also be purchased from places that sell bath and spa products.

tshirt-packagingCardboard or fabric sleeves: A simple sleeve wrapped around the t-shirt like a band adds sophistication and gives your t-shirt a retail look. It also provides a place to add additional printed or even personalized messaging.

tshirt-packaging-in-bottlesReusable containers:  Any functional container is a practical and thoughtful add on. Slip your shirt inside a basket or water bottle on its own or with a card.

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