It has been said:

"A good example has twice the value of good advice."

So here ya' go...3 examples how custom packaging makes your logo product stand up and shout "We're different! We're special! And we care about you!"

custom-water-bottle-holder-packagingA Custom Bag Turns a Nice Handout Into a Stellar Gift

This type of bottle (pictured at right) is stylish, useful, and super hot right now. Definitely a good choice for many promotional gifting situations. But maybe you're not excited yet? Add a custom printed microfiber drawstring bag, and get the wow factor you're going for. Hubba hubba!

Box Mine Up and Make it a Double


Want to make an even bigger impression? Instead of a single bottle, make it a set, and add a gift box. Now opening this thing becomes an *event*!

At EmbroidMe (soon to be known as Fully Promoted) we offer these types of box sets, custom printed drawstring bags, and even completely custom created containers.




custom-book-boxesWhen a Box Isn't a Box

And here's something a little different: a box that looks like a book. The front and back cover and spine of the 'book' are custom printed with your artwork. When the recipient opens the 'book,' your gift - here the sunglasses - and printed collateral are packed inside. What a fun surprise!

Need more ideas? Contact us! Let's schedule a meeting to discuss your marketing needs. We will personalize a program for you and your budget.