Did you know that for best pricing and availability, promotional products and apparel should be ordered three months in advance of when they are needed? This allows time to source products directly from overseas manufacturing, and substantial savings from the use of ocean shipping rather than air freight shipping. Not to mention avoiding the problems of pesky back orders that can throw a wrench into last minute plans.  

If you’re like most companies, you probably participate in several of the same events and do client giveaways at about the same time every year (Christmas holidays in December, company picnics in July, golf tournament in February, etc.). If you’re going to do promotional product giveaways anyway, why not order early, and get your marketing goodies at the best possible price?

Order Promotional Products NowA three month lead time might seem impossibly far away right now, but once you get used to ordering that far in advance, you’ll love the way it relieves the stress of last minute preparations. And the boss will appreciate the way it helps the bottom line. So let’s take a look at what’s three months out from right now – which would be October.

pink drinkwareYou’re probably already aware that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So the best time to start securing your pink promotional products is actually in July! If you haven’t ordered yet, please give us a call about your breast cancer awareness promotional product giveaways ASAP.

Halloween is the other major happening in the month of October, and if you like to promote around this holiday, imprinted promotional bags of all types are a great choice. However, if your company doesn’t have any tie-ins to either breast cancer or Halloween, don’t despair. There are a several other ways to have fun and promote your business during the month of October. For example, (and I’m completely serious about this) October has been designated:

  • National Crime Prevention Month – Organize community events with flashlights and apparel; honor members of neighborhood watch groups (great for security companies)   
  • Photographer Appreciation Month – Photography studios can plan events to acknowledge and appreciate the work photographers do to preserve family history, commemorate events, and appreciate nature
  • Spinach Lovers Month – Promote this healthy veggie (good promotion for juice bars, specialty restaurants, farmers markets and grocery stores)
  • Squirrel Awareness Month – Acknowledge these cute critters (wildlife groups), or play on the “squirrelly-ness” of your team – just have fun with it.

If that’s not enough to work with, there are several special days in October that give us a reason to promote a good cause and promote your business. The trick is to choose promotional products that support the theme of the holiday, and to pick a holiday that relates to your business activities.

  • National Work from Home Week  (Oct 6-12) – Appropriate promotional products to promote your telecommuting program include webcams, headsets and technology accessories. IT companies and industries that have a lot of telecommuters would choose to promote this holiday.
  • National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (Oct 20-26) – Therapists can promote their businesses with imprinted lotions & oils, as well as logo-ed back scratchers, massage tools, eye pillows and other customer giveaways
  • National School Bus Safety Week (Oct 21-25) – PTAs and insurance companies can spread their messages about school bus safety by providing promotional stickers for staff to use as rewards for good behavior by younger children, and stadium cups and water bottles for kids of all ages.  
  • Cranky Coworkers Day (Oct 27) – Yes, this is a real holiday, and it’s a fun occasion for companies that have trouble relating to traditional themes to come up with a wacky promotion to bring attention to themselves. If your company only gets called in times of trouble, turn the tables, and drop in on clients with a happy surprise. Deliver food snacks, or send gift cards to boost office morale. Pest control, IT, property management, and flood restoration companies do well with this type of campaign.  

For more ideas, browse through our online promotional product databases. Or contact us to discuss your next marketing campaign. If you can plan 3 months ahead, you’ll enjoy the broadest possible variety of choices, and if your quantities are large enough to be done overseas, your budget will stretch much further.