volunteers-tshirtsEmployers wear a lot of hats. One of the most important roles we play is that of cheerleader to employees who dedicate their time to important causes. Volunteers are an essential resource to the community, and it’s a huge benefit to have employees in the workplace who willingly give of themselves to create positive change. That’s what makes supporting and encouraging them so important.

Whether you have a few individuals dedicating themselves to different causes or have an organized team serving one particular organization, using custom screen printed shirts is a great way to create unity and encourage their selfless efforts.

What Does Volunteer Recognition Mean in the Big Picture?

volunteers-in-screen-printed-tshirtsDemonstrating appreciation and recognizing volunteer contributions with screen printed shirts might seem like a small thing, but there are some big reasons why they are so frequently used in volunteer recognition.They work! Custom screen printed shirts are a symbol of strength, compassion and a shared determined spirit. Screen printed shirts mark the day as a milestone, and symbolize a united front in the face of struggle.

Here are just a few of the reasons custom shirts are so valuable:

  •     Demonstrates appreciation
  •     Shows support
  •     Develops workplace unity
  •     Expresses commitment to the things that matter to employees, and the community
  •     Keeps motivation high
  •     Encourages others to work in the community
  •     Creates a more fulfilling experience
  •     Symbolizes shared determination
  •     Shows the depth of care your employees have for others
  •     Make volunteers identifiable
  •     Engages interest by others
  •     Provides exposure to important causes
  •     Encourages positive workplace recruitment
  •     Volunteers are ambassadors of your company
  •     Volunteering expands knowledge, skills, & experience they bring back to the workplace

Important? Necessary? Nice? Strategic? Providing custom screen printed shirts that recognize volunteer service is all of those things and more. Recognizing volunteers is important to the volunteer, the community, and to the success of your organization. It is just one really cool way to develop a culture of appreciation and promote volunteerism.

If you want to create team spirit and promote volunteerism, just be in touch. We're happy to share tips on keeping custom screen printed tshirts affordable. We are also happy to help out with ideas and would love to be a small part of helping others change the world.