Professionally screen printed logos on t-shirts, baseball caps, and jackets are not just for businesses. While corporations benefit greatly from the advertising inherent in screen printed products, nonprofit causes also benefit from professionally screen printed giveaways. Here are some examples:

  • Are you running a charity golf tournament? We can create a unique golf towel, or useful golf umbrella, that promotes the cause for which you are holding your charity event.
  • Is your group running together in a charity race? Create team shirts with your charity’s logo, as well as the details about the race. That way, as your team is running, they can easily keep an eye out for each other, and your cheering sections will find it easy to spot your runners in the crowd.
  • We even have doggie t-shirts for those canine campaigns, so if you have a group of dogs putting their paws down for charity, reward them with classy matching shirts!
  • Is your charity working to paint, repair or otherwise retrofit a local building? We can print t-shirts for your group, and we also have a great variety of bags and backpacks which can be screen printed with your charity’s logo or the name of the project. This makes it easy for your volunteers to tote along their sunscreen, a clean shirt, or a camera for taking “before and after” pictures of your progress.

  • If your team is doing charity work outside, present them with water bottles, beverage coolers, or towels with the logo of the team, and/or the charity project on which they are working. We even have customizable containers of premium, all natural lip balm to protect your participants’ lips while they work!
  • If your need is to celebrate the successful conclusion to a campaign, give them each a key to the campaign's project on one of our customized key rings.

Truly the options for personalizing the promotion of your cause are endless, so contact us today to discuss how we can help support and raise awareness for your favorite charity!