The great thing about promotional custom t-shirts is that once they're given out or sold, they keep marketing your product passively for as long as the people continue to wear them. People will often take t-shirts that you hand out, and they will even buy them under many different circumstances as well. Here are a few surprisingly powerful ways you can use shirts to promote your business.

Free T-shirts are Like a Drug

If you can in any way, at any time, convince someone that you will be giving them a t-shirt that can be construed as "free," then this it's hard to overstate the kind of pull this has on people. Even if you do it in a way that's as efficient for your business as possible, it will help. For example, you could make it so that you give out the shirt only when customers decide to sign on to a newsletter or reach a certain milestone in purchases or decide to join some yearly subscription.

If people think that they're getting something for free, they will often go out of their way to make sure that this is what happens.  And then at that point, you have free advertising going forward.


People Go Crazy for Contests

Another way you can give out shirts that won't break the bank and will make it so that you are making the best use of all resources available to you is giving out a shirt in a contest. That way, you get the best of both ends, basically. Giveaways can generate a ton of publicity pretty much regardless of their scale.

Nothing makes people's ears perk up quite as fast as "giveaway contest." It's just baked into human nature. We're hardwired to look for deals. You can share these kinds of contests just about anywhere you want, as well. Or, even better, you can share them absolutely everywhere.  Meaning, you can share them on Twitter, on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere else that you want, depending on what your product is.

That's one side of it. The other side of it is that once you've spent the money on a shirt to give away, promoting your product or service while doing so, the shirt itself can have your brand logo and message, and it will be a walking billboard from then on out. The more you do this, the more that you'll benefit from it. Plus, everything will synergize because, if you keep doing these contests on a regular basis, both the shirt and the person who received the shirt will end up being a sort of free passive marketer for you.

Plus, this person will likely sing your praises because of their experience. They'll also often talk about the giveaways with their friends and acquaintances, long after the last contest they were involved in is over. This will go round and round and add up to a lot of extra traffic for you.

Don't Forget the Special Events

Another important thing to consider is that you can make shirts specifically for certain events. So, if you're doing something promotional for a particular event your company is running, you can create a shirt to commemorate it, and this can be its own kind of promotion. This helps because people often feel a sense of pride about going to just about anything. Even if it might not seem like people would be highly excited about a particular event, you might be surprised about how those shirts might move and how promotional they can be for the event and for your company both before and after.

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