promotional-clothing-tshirtsIn business, there are many tools available to help create brand awareness and boost marketing efforts. Promotional clothing is one technique that is easy, affordable, and quite effective. In fact, having your name on promotional clothing not only raises awareness of your brand but also helps others remember your company and what you do.

Whether you have a fundraiser, product launch, sporting event, or promotional campaign, promotional clothing gives you an edge over competitors by making sure your logo, company name or brand message are seen. Not only are you giving them something to remember you by, but it shows a sense of professionalism, that you are serious about your company and brand name.

promotional-clothing-office-wearDepending on what you do, different styles of apparel might be appropriate. It makes sense for contractors to wear tshirts, while office-based workers would more likely wear polo shirts or dress shirts. Our product specialists care about your needs and will work with you to help select appropriate  promotional apparel based on how the clothing will be worn and used, and also taking into consideration your budget and timetable. Whether it's T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, uniforms, outerwear, corporate apparel, or polo shirts, we have what you need and best of all, small orders are fine with us, if that's what you need. And our equipment mix is such that we can scale to handle large orders so no matter the size of your needs, we're there for you.

Along with promotional clothing, we also provide a variety of other promo materials that you may find effective in creating brand awareness. If you would like to learn more or have questions on the best path for your marketing, simply contact us or visit our Resource Center at 7710 Balboa Avenue, and we'll be glad to help.