promotional-clothing-for-restaurantsWhen you think about purchasing promotional clothing for your restaurant, most people think only about outfitting their servers and other staff. However it's worth considering selling hats and t-shirts to the public as well, featuring your restaurant's logo, tagline and other key information. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Promotional Clothing is a Great Souvenir

The people who love visiting your restaurant probably want to remember their visit. Whether they really love your food, are visiting your restaurant while on vacation, or just love your theme, you might be surprised how many people want to bring home a keepsake. If your venue draws a significant number of vacationers, be sure to include "San Diego, CA" prominently in your design, as this will boost sales by making it even more appealing as a souvenir.

2. Make a Little Extra Money

It's a good idea to keep your hats and t-shirts reasonably priced so that you encourage customers to buy them. For most, especially startups, clothing sales are not a profit center, but rather an alternative form of advertising. However, if you can purchase in bulk, with decoration chosen for affordability as well as appeal, your cost can remain reasonable, so that each sale of a garment generates a small profit.  This is a great way to bring in a little bit of extra money for your business without having to do a lot of extra work.

screen-printed-tshirts3. Market Your Business

Although the potential of making money exists, the primary main reason to sell promotional hats and t-shirts at your restaurant is the fact that it helps market your business. When people are out and about and see your customers wearing your T-shirts, they become familiar with the name, may ask for a recommendation, check you out online, or simply drop by. And your customers are reminded of the great time they had each time they wear your apparel - and look forward to coming back.

ProTip: Hats come in one or two sizes to fit everyone, while tshirts need to be stocked in a range of sizes. If your budget is limited, consider stocking just hats. Or, contact us to discuss prototyping different tshirt designs to test which will sell the best before you invest in deep stock of a large range of sizes.

As you can see, selling promotional clothing at your restaurant can be a smart business decision. To have t-shirts printed or hats embroidered for this purpose, contact us, and we can help you explore your options.