bag-of-promotional-swagIt’s always nice when promotional products can do good things for your business and for your community at the same time. Get the best of both worlds by stocking up on items you can donate to charity swag bags.

Consider the advantages: When your golf balls and USB drives are included in the tote bags at charity dinners and other events, you are reaching influential people in your community and in your industry. It’s one more way to bring in the type of customers that you want.

Of course, you are also making a great impression because you are supporting a cause they care about. On top of that, gift items provide you with extra visibility. Guests will see your logo even if they miss your organization’s name in the long list of sponsors printed at the bottom of the program for major events.

bag-of-promotional-productsSearch out opportunities: Start with the charities you already support. Providing swag as well as money is a multichannel approach that can magnify the effectiveness of your philanthropy.

You may also want to stay on top of community and industry calendars to find promising events to participate in. If you are able to accept unsolicited requests, advertise for them on your website and through social media to let people know you welcome inquiries from charities that match whatever criteria you need to establish.

bag-of-promotional-swagGet support: The sad fact is that many gift items get left behind on banquet tables and hotel room nightstands. Working with a company that specializes in logo products will help you to find something in your price range that your target audience will love, whether than means memo clips or web cams.

Get more bang for your brand. Contact us to find the right choices of logo apparel and promotional products to enhance your image.