put-your-logo-on-dress-shirtsLet's face it. Appearance matters in the business world. Making a good first impression is critical when establishing business relationships or interacting with your customers. There's even a term for it: "perceived value." Basically it means that the better you look, the higher your customers expectations, and the more they're willing to pay. Dressing sharp sends a signal to your customers that your company is one they can trust to provide them with outstanding customer service. Putting your logo on dress shirts is an attractive and professional way to dress well while promoting your firm, and definitely sets you apart as being 'one step above' all the rest.

Make Sure Your Company Looks Like A Team

Providing company shirts to your employees gives you more control over your company image without being too restrictive. Getting employee input on design and style can help develop a sense of camaraderie, and shows employees that you care about their opinions. When employees wear matching or coordinated shirts, it gives customers and employees the perception that the company is a team, and implies that everyone works well together.

man-with-dress-shirt-that-will-have-his-company-logoA Long Lasting Investment

A dress shirt with your logo embroidered on it is a long lasting investment that yields high perceived value with your customers. Embroidery is extremely durable and typically outlasts any shirt it is applied to. There's a good chance the shirts will outlast your employees! And the cost is not too much. In fact, most of the cost is for the shirt, not the embroidery. Good quality dress shirts are available starting at $22, with finer options in the $40-$70 range. There is a cost to set up your embroidery design, but it is very reasonable and you only have to pay once per design. The positive impression others have of your company is, as the MasterCard commercial says, "priceless."

EmbroidMe San Diego specializes in providing quality embroidery on shirts, hats, and more. We can help promote your business at a low cost to you per piece, with no minimum quantity on embroidery orders. With quantity discounts you can save even more! Designing promotional apparel is much easier than you might think and when you need to reorder the process is as simple as an email or phone call saying, "I need more of those great shirts."

For more on designing a custom uniform for you business, check out the video below!

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