Race Day Volunteers

car-imagesDrag Racing is a very fast-paced sport.  Unlike NASCAR, you go straight down a quarter-mile track at speeds ranging from 70-330 MPH.  My friend Jenny's grandfather has been racing as long as she can remember, and one Memorial Day Weekend... He decided to host his own Pontiac Rendezvous Drag Race.  Little did she know how nightmarish the logistics would be and how crazy it would be to try to keep things running smoothly.  With a handful of family "volunteers" (translation--free labor), Grandpa had the family running around in circles.  

Their Best Investment Was  Custom T-shirts

red-tshirtsTheir best investment for the weekend was not the concession stand items that made a pretty profit.  It wasn't the array of trophies for race and/or show car winners.  The most helpful thing they bought for that weekend were the custom t-shirts for the family.  The participants were able to see the red tshirts from across the parking lots, and could recognize that they were people who could direct them.  Sometimes it felt like the blind leading the blind, but that's what happens when you volun-tell your grand-kids that they're going to help with various aspects of the races.

A Rousing Success

Because of determination and the bright red shirts, Grandpa's Memorial Day Pontiac Rendezvous was a hit!  The shirts made great souvenirs to remember that hectic and fun weekend, and were sturdy enough to use again the next traditional-pit-crew-shirtsyear! By then, the participants knew to look for the red shirts and then they'd have someone who could either help or provide good company while they figured it out together.

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