From Roman emperors promoting themselves on coins, to banks giving out promotional calendars, promotional products have been used nearly as long as there has been anything to promote. And there is good reason for this longevity. Promotional items grab the attention of potential customers with their utility and creativity, and give your brand that all important leverage of brand recognition and memorability. While there are many additional ways to market your San Diego business today, custom promotional products and branded gifts continue to be the most valuable form of advertising available.


Promotional Products Reign Supreme

Every business needs effective advertising strategies to help their brand battle it out and stand out from among the many all vying for attention. That combination becomes their marketing superpower— a collection of powerful tools they can wield at just the right moment to scale impossible barriers, and ultimately come out on top.

What then is the best tool to have on that super hero utility belt? Not surprisingly, the answer is a great blend of popular promotional products that appeal to a wide cross section of possible customers.

Even in the digital age of massive social media campaigns, research shows that promotional products may be even more valuable than all other forms of advertising when factoring in cost-effectiveness. In a study conducted by the Advertisement Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional products such as pens, t-shirts, hats, and bags were shown to be more frequently recalled than other forms of advertising.

People Keep Custom Promotional Products

Nearly everyone has at least one promotional item in their home. Most have far more than one. We keep promotional items for many reasons. Sometimes they are just so clever that it is almost a crime to throw them away. Other times, they are so utilitarian that we know we will need them soon, so we hold on to them for that perfect moment. Sometimes we keep promotional items because they include us as followers of a popular brand or company, identifying us as part of their brand tribe. Whatever the motivation, it is usually pretty hard not to find a use for a promotional item so they find their way into our desks, pockets, purses, or wardrobes for long-term visibility.

The Pass-Along Effect

One of the great things about quality promotional products is that they are hardly ever wasted. Even if the original recipient can’t use the item, they see the value in it and will pass it along to someone who can use it. This provides an opportunity for the giver to talk about your brand, as well as extend the reach of your marketing. ASI reports that 61% of people that cannot use a promotional item will pass it along to another rather than throw it away. Regifting is not only good; it’s golden.

marketing-partner-for-promotional-productsThere is Real Science Behind Why Promotional Products Work

Why are promotional products so effective? There are many studies that address this question, and science shows that the idea of giving causes us to respond in many important ways. Probably the most important of these reasons is the idea of reciprocity. When we give something to someone, the natural response is to return the favor in some way, and in this case it is usually with repeat business. Humans have the innate desire to be liked, noticed, and appreciated. Giving to someone shows you like and appreciate them as an individual, even if your encounter is brief. Promotional items are gifts, and people are more likely to hold on to gifts and much more likely to be reminded to utilize your services. Branded promotional items have double the power because not only do they connect the recipient to your business, the branded item also helps commit your name to their memory. According to Schreiber & Associates, 39% of all people that have received promotional items in the last six months can remember the name of the company, business, or corporation associated with it.

The Big Pay Off of Promotional Items

Of course, marketing tactics mean nothing to your business unless they do what they were designed to do. Ultimately your marketing strategy should do more than provide visibility and promote brand recognition; it should result in increased revenue. Fortunately, using promotional items in San Diego does just that. Baylor University conducted a study which concluded that companies that utilized promotional products did 22% more business than those that did not utilize any type of promotional item in their marketing strategy.

For San Diego companies wanting to boost their revenue and increase brand awareness, it is hard to ignore the benefits that branded items provide. Well chosen, quality promotional products provide lasting visibility and speak volumes about pride of service as well as willingness to embrace each customer as an individual.

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