screen-printed-shirtsThe t-shirt is a staple piece of a casual wardrobe across America. People collect them from their travels, throw them on when running errands, or use them as their go-to weekend wear. The t-shirt is ideal because it doesn't take a lot of thought or coordination. It works with a favorite pair of jeans, some khaki shorts, or even a stylish skirt. So, with so much diversity and use, why wouldn't a business be utilizing this resource to promote their name? We have three simple ways San Diego screen printed shirts can help promote your business.

  1. T-shirts are a stellar tool to help encourage sales incentives. This can work for customers or employees. If you are trying to gain new customers, try using the tactic of giving away a free t-shirt with your business logo if a person buys a certain product of yours or a particular dollar amount in products. If you are trying to incentivize employees, a sure winner is offering a free t-shirt to whomever sells the most volume in one day.

  2. T-shirts are the ultimate promotional product. This comfy clothing article is very much a walking billboard. Those t-shirts that you gave away as an incentive are now being worn out in the streets and in stores passing hundreds of people. This exposure is vital in getting your company's name and logo into the mainstream. The best part is that t-shirts take years to wear out, so your advertising basically never expires. Your initial investment will work for you for years to come.

  3. Group t-shirts create uniformity. If you are looking for your business to give the image of professionalism and unity, a t-shirt with your logo on it is the perfect solution. Whether you own a chain restaurant or a lawn care service, if all of your employees are wearing the same t-shirt, there will no question identifying the players in your business.

For more on t-shirts and t-shirt designs check out our video!

One final thought: business cards and brochures are easily discarded, but a good t-shirt is seldom thrown away. For help in designing your business' t-shirt, contact us. We will be happy to assist you.