saving-money-on-screen-printed-shirtsWay too often, we have customers come to us after spending who-knows-how-many hours working on their t-shirt design…only to learn that the cost of screen printing what they’ve designed is prohibitive. Here’s what you need to know to keep this from happening to you!


Five factors that affect the cost of custom printed t-shirts:

  • Type of t-shirt - Premium, fashion brand t-shirts can cost three times more than the cost of a basic tee.
  • T-shirt color – White t-shirts are the most economical as colored shirts have additional manufacturing costs and also cost more to print since they require an extra layer of ink.
  • The number of colors in your design – The more colors you have, the more expensive it is to print. Because individual colors are applied one at a time, labor and set-up charges increase with each additional color.
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    The location(s) to be printed – The more locations you print on a shirt, the higher the cost. Designs that print to the edge of fabric or in an unusual location also carry a premium cost.
  • Quantity – The higher the quantity, the lower the cost per unit, because (for example) set-up charges are the same whether you are printing 25 or 75 shirts.
Here is more on how to save on screen printed shirts:

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