custom-embroidered-socksMost people see the value of giving their employees shirts embroidered with the company logo. But you may not have thought about the benefit of giving custom embroidered socks. After all, your customers won't be able to see them, so they won’t help to identify your employees. And since the employees themselves won’t be able to see them after putting on their shoes, what good will they do? So why get embroidered socks? Here are a few reasons:

  • Socks keep you warm. If it’s a chilly day, there’s nothing like a pair of socks to keep you warm.  Even if you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt, adding a pair of socks underneath your sandals can make you feel a lot warmer. This is why many airlines will give you a pair of socks in their welcome packet. When you give socks to your employees, you’re sending a signal that you care about their comfort. This helps them associate work with feelings of warmth and contentment. And what could be better for your business than contented employees?custom-socks-for-your-employees
  • Socks make good gifts. You can give your employees shirts that they’re supposed to wear to work. But what do you give them when the holiday season rolls around or if there’s some other occasion that you’re celebrating? An embroidered hat, bag or a pair of socks embroidered with the company logo can be used as thank you gifts for these occasions.
  • Sports spirit at work. If you have a large company and a sports team within it, you can give the members of the team embroidered sports attire as well as sports socks. This can really help boost team and employee motivation. You’ll be winning more games before you know it!
  • Everyone needs them. The other benefit of giving your employees socks is that everyone needs them, even if you live in a warm climate, everyone’s going to need socks at some point or the other. Not everyone wears hats but everyone wears socks. So if you’re wondering what you could give your employees that would always be useful, you can always go with a pair of embroidered socks.

If you're considering custom socks, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, adding embroidery to existing socks is generally not feasible, at least not in small batches. Four dozen is usually the minimum order. There are several ways to apply a logo to socks: printed on (only possible for certain types of knits) during the manufacturing process; knit in (during the manufacturing process); embroidered (via a heat-press-applied patch) or embroidered directly. Not every technique is successful in all situations. Which of these options is best for you depends on a variety of factors.

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