custom-embroidered-shirtsWhen a company uses custom shirt embroidery to outfit their workers, it provides more than just a way for customers to spot employees. You’re also contributing to the company culture. What exactly is company culture? Let's explore this idea....

You may have heard of lists such as “Top 100 Places to Work” and wondered why people enjoy working at certain places more than others. Is it just because they get paid more? Most of the time, compensation isn't what makes a workplace special. Of course, good employers do offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. But more than that, they let their employees know that they matter, and often it's the small gestures that speak the loudest.

If you want to turn your company into the kind of place that people want to work for, try the following tips:

  • embroidered-sweatshirtsCustom Shirt Embroidery. Yes, we're a little biased with this advice, but consider this: It’s nice for employees to get little gifts from the company. You can provide custom polo shirts for employees to wear as uniforms. And/or you can give out cozy sweatshirts on special occasions like Christmas, New Years, company anniversaries, and to mark the achievement of major corporate goals. Either way, it's a tangible gesture from the company to the worker, that says, "we appreciate and value your presence here." If you’ve already given your employees shirts are looking for something new and different, try custom hats, fleece jackets, backpacks, duffle bags and gym wear! Giving your employees little thank you gifts such as these lets them know that you care - just be sure the quality you choose sends the right message.

  • custom-shirt-embroidery-for-company-cultureRewards for a Job Well Done. Another way to create a good company culture is by fostering healthy competition. Here, the emphasis needs to be on the word “healthy.” You’re not trying to encourage people to get into a cutthroat mentality. Neither do you want them to stay several  hours overtime to finish projects. Instead, you need to emphasize punctuality, professionalism and a willingness to help others. To reward employees who are doing everything right, give out custom shirts or hats when saying, "job well done." You can also create an incentive program with goals. When the employee reaches their goal, they get the gift that is designated as the prize for that particular achievement. Workers can "race" to see who can achieve the goal first, or form teams and reward the teams with shirts when a collective goal is reached. Also consider an “Employee of the Week” award or an “Employee of the Month” award.

  • Different Colors for Different Levels of Achievement. Another great way to encourage employees is by introducing levels that they can work towards. Just as karate beginners have a white belt while karate experts have a black belt, you can introduce shirts of different colors for employees at different levels. Maybe you can start them out with white and move them through various colors as they become more and more successful at their jobs. If all shirts need to be the same color, additional embroidered insignia can be introduced to designate particular achievements. For example, "Team Leader" or "Gold Level Producer" could be embroidered on selected shirts to recognize individuals who have earned those advanced designations. The personalized embroidery can either be placed right below the company logo, or could be added in a separate location such as on a sleeve depending on your preference for appearance.

Here's a little advice on designing custom embroidered shirts for San Diego Companies

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