hat-embroideryThink hats are just for rap stars and golf pros? Think again.

We've outfitted our customers with plenty of custom embroidered hats for golf outings, sure. (And very few rap concerts, we have to admit.) But if you think hat embroidery is just for a select few events, we have two words for you:

Photo op.

Heads Up!

Almost every time your organization does something - from a fund drive to a ribbon cutting - somebody takes a picture, right? And that picture ends up in the newspaper (or at least on somebody's website).

And what's in that picture?

The subjects' heads.

Your hat could be there too.

With your logo on it...

See where we're going with this?

Get an Embroidered Hat, Do Good Works


Do you encourage your employees to volunteer? What if they wore your embroidered hat while they did it? They might get their picture taken and... right?! It could reflect well on your organization. Hey, it's PR 101.

Now, let's not get too jaded here. We're all for doing good - for the simple reward of doing good. But, if your organization has a fundraiser or volunteer event planned anyway, it sure would be smart to look into hat embroidery.

Now, if the hat (with your full color logo) is so smashing that you actually have a record turnout of employees volunteering, you can put that down to their altruistic nature. But we have seen some mighty good looking hats. Look, we'll never know for sure.

And, does it matter? If they sign up to do good works because they want the hat, heck, we all win.

Hey, What If an Embroidered Hat Could Change the World?


What if you gave out those great looking embroidered logo hats to your customers when you "caught" them doing good work? And they felt rewarded and appreciated and kept doing their good deeds? It's a crazy idea, but great looking hats could lead to a better world. What if, indeed.

Promotional products in San Diego is our niche; we're not really into solving world problems, but hey, it's something to think about. In the meantime, if your company has any events coming up which might get your team's picture in the paper, you're going to want them wearing your logo in that picture - and we can definitely help you with that.

Contact us if you're planning some good works. We'll help you design a hat that will get your team members the second looks they deserve.