Your dancers work hard. They laugh, they cry, they sweat, and they create memories to last a life time. Dancers really put their heart into their work. They should have custom t-shirts to go along with the experience and this is why:

  • custom-dance-team-t-shirtsPerformance Wear - When performing at festivals with no changing facilities, in extreme heat, or in rain, custom t-shirts provide a simple, comfortable, uniform performance wear option. Save your expensive dance wear for recital and competition when it won't end up ruined by bad weather and switch to the simple comfort of t-shirts.
  • Team Identification - When attending dance clinics or competitions, keeping up with your group in the crowds is difficult. Custom t-shirts can help solve this problem by putting all of your dancers in the same color.
  • Team Spirit - Custom t-shirts also give dancers a proud sense of team spirit and loyalty. A bit of team spirit can bring a group of dancers closer and create a desire not to let the team down. This goes a long way in getting your dancers to practice at home or work together outside of class and can help them connect in order to convey emotion during performances.
  • Marketing - When you or your dancers wear your school's custom t-shirts, you are getting the word out about your business to your community. Before you know it, those simple shirts could be bringing in new students.
  • Fun Keepsakes - Dancers carry their dance memories with them forever. Custom t-shirts with the logo of their dance school or team make for excellent reminders of those good times. Many dancers even choose to create a quilt with blocks made up of dance shirts.

Check out our video for tips on t-shirt designs and how to keep them affordable:

If you are interested in having custom t-shirts made for your dance school, team, or event, please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego so we can discuss details of what you need.