Whether you run a daycare or teach middle school, chances are you will be heading out for a field trip or two. Field trips are great fun and exciting for everyone involved. After all, what could be better than some hands-on education?

custom-field-trip-shirtsThat said, field trips can also be stressful for the adults in charge. Museums, zoos, and other large public places are the perfect places for fields trips, but also the perfect places for children to get lost.

Since losing a student is the last thing any teacher wants to experience, it's important to do whatever you can to keep this from happening. One of the ideal ways to keep your group together is through the use of custom field trip t-shirts.

How can shirts help keep kids safe? Read on to discover the many benefits of field trip shirts.

Easily Identify Your Students

When you're out in a crowded place, it can be hard to keep track of every child in your care. This is especially true when the kids are wearing a variety of colors, and even more so if they're colors that tend to blend in.

Field trip shirts can help solve this problem by giving your students a uniform look. For instance, if your kids are all dressed in yellow, you will know right away if a child belongs to your group or not. To make things easier on yourself, choose a color that is bright and easy to see from far off.

Stay Safe in Traffic

field-trip-shirt-benefitsBrightly colored shirts offer another benefit. Due to their short stature, kids can be hard for drivers to spot. However, a child wearing a bright yellow or orange shirt is pretty hard to miss. This makes walking through parking lots and crossing streets a little safer for your group of minors.

Keep Your Group Together

A third benefit to matching, brightly colored shirts is the fact that people are also likely to separate your group. The matching shirts will make it apparent that you are together, and the bright colors will make it pretty easy to spot where the group begins and ends.

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