custom-embroidered-polo-shirt-on-delivery-driverCompanies build their brands in any number of ways, from traditional print, television and radio advertising to vehicle signage, websites and other online resources. These various advertising and marketing channels are ideally strongly coordinated with a consistent image and message, helping build brand recognition within the targeted community. Many companies have found that having their logo embroidered on polo shirts that employees wear while interacting with customers and industry peers is an effective use of marketing dollars.

Corporate executives who haven't invested in logo shirts before are sometimes leery of paying for custom shirts as a means of building the company's brand. They wonder if it is a sound investment and whether their marketing dollars would be better spent elsewhere. But somehow people from companies that have used embroidered shirts in the past never ask this question!

embroidered-polo-shirts-deliveriesIf your employees are moving around town during the work day, and interacting with clients outside your workplace, then embroidered polo shirts and branded vehicle signage are a very cost-effective way of enhancing your visibility and brand recognition. It's simple: brand your vehicles, and brand your people. If you want to really stand out, add additional logos or text on the sleeves of your shirts to promote your capabilities. The additional embellishment makes your people and your company stand out.

But embroidering your logo on a polo shirt is more than simply a means to get your company's name in front of prospective customers. There are some ancillary benefits as well.

Employee Recognition and Motivation

Embroidered polo shirts can be given to employees in recognition of a job well done. There is an emotional and psychological component in the world of business, particularly as it pertains to corporate infrastructure, that is often overlooked. This component plays on the fact that human beings have an inherent desire – almost a craving – to feel important. Branded apparel in general and polo shirts in particular are an ideal way to play on this emotional and psychological component. This works especially well with sales staffs. Have shirts made in two of your branding colors, and designate one color for your regular staff, and another for your high achievers. There may be joking around the water cooler, but identifying your sales leaders in this way provides a constant daily reminder and motivates the rest of your crew to keep working toward higher goals. Technical staff, and indeed any group in which there is a progression of achievement, can be recognized in this way.


Business Gifting With Purpose

Polo shirts make great gifts for prospective clients, customers, partners, and the like. It is a very thoughtful and professional gesture that speaks volumes to the recipient. And at the end of the day, it is of course one more way of giving a company’s brand the exposure that all businesses want and need. Giving away custom embroidered shirts to your reps, partners, and even participants in the golf tourney you sponsor, can go a long way in fostering the good will and word of mouth that feeds company expansion. And just as importantly, that little gesture of giving a gift can help cement the personal business relationships that are critical in every industry.

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