We all know the value of corporate logo apparel. It creates brand awareness, employee unity, and is a visual sign of company professionalism. It also solves issues of dress code and supports approachability between employees and management. Yes, it does all that and more. Much more, in fact, for those leveraging one of the hottest trends in corporate wear—limited edition runs. Wouldn't you love to have your corporate apparel become a "sold out" collector's item? It can happen!

Once, the idea of having a series of limited edition custom screen printed or embroidered shirts was something reserved for the big companies with deep pockets. Apple for example has done it for years. While they have their main shirts and other branded clothing, they also provide limited run editions for special occasions. The logo remains the same, but special edition runs offer something different; something more (see example at right). Today, many of those shirts are not only highly desirable, but also highly collectable. Those with the prized limited run shirts wear them and become a super-fan, and a super brand ambassador.

How does that convert for companies that do not have a huge built-in base of loyal devotees?

Now that technology platforms support widespread affordability, custom branded apparel is well within the reach of any size business. Smaller companies can shadow the marketing tactics of mega-corporations with ease, and get similar results in creating greater awareness, desirability, as well as employee and community connectivity. It also demonstrates company stability and permanence.

jian tshirtCompanies of any size benefit from limited runs. Here is your quick start guide in making this hot trend work for you.

• Develop a plan for your release of limited edition runs. Follow a schedule or create them to coincide with things such as company milestones, historic events, or charitable efforts and causes.  

• Get graphic artists involved in the creation of new designs and the creative incorporation of the visual message.

• Keep your logo visible, and do not be afraid to incorporate a new element or color that reflects the mission of the special edition.

• Even though the apparel might commemorate a special event, they can still be "evergreen" by not including the date.

• Keep designs within brand, but offer something fresh and exciting with each release.

• Promote the future release of your custom gear. Let your employees know that something great is on the horizon.

• Commemorate the event in pictures.

More than just brand identity, limited edition corporate logo apparel keep employees out of the doldrums and every moment alive with a positive, "I was there" feeling. If you are ready to implement this popular marketing and branding trend, please feel free to contact us today.