students-in-need-of-productsIf your demographic is the well educated young adult market, then university students should be on the top of your marketing target list. Where else in one small concentrated area, can you reach hundreds or even thousands of your pre-selected target audience?

With this in mind, implementing the right type of promotional products onto the campus might be the hardest part. Since college life is the key factor when choosing your promotional product, you'll need to think like a college student or a university teacher.

To get you on to the right track, below are a few products ideas that would suit college life perfectly!

  • Cell phone and laptop accessories - the generation that grew up with gadgets in hand will welcome decorative covers, skins, screen cleaners, styluses, keyboard cleaners, usb-powered lights, chargers, adapters, phone charms, and other useful products for their tech gear.

  • students-with-promotional-productsSpirit toys - after (or even during) a stressful day at school, kids love to unwind and show their school spirit with school-mascot-themed noisemakers, foam fingers, and fan wear. Lower key events call for t-shirts, hats, stickers, flags & banners. 

  • Calendars - Calendars come in all shapes and sizes and are super useful to people who have to juggle the complexity of homework and extra-curricular schedules. Depending on if you are marketing to dorm students, married students, or both, you may want to think about refrigerator calendar magnets, a monthly calendar planner, a weekly calendar planner, or even a calendar doodle pad. Of course, a wall calendar would be great for keeping track of their upcoming tests and events. For teachers, think about business card calendars, desk calendars, monthly desk planners, or even a desk photo frame with a calendar.

  • Stress-O-Meter Cards - For a bit of fun for the students, a stress-o-meter pocket card is perfect. Not only will they use this card themselves, but they will show fellow classmates giving you free advertising in the process. Many of these cards also offer stress relief tips which benefits the students even more.

  • Lanyards - Before kids start to drive, they have a lanyard around their neck with house keys, locker keys, and identification cards on them. Once they hit college age, car keys and dorm keys are added. Not only does the person wearing them see these lanyards, but everyone they stop to talk to or pass on campus will see them giving you more free advertisement.

  • lanyard-promotional-productLip Balm - With the windy months quickly approaching followed by hot summer days, lip balm will be used on a daily basis. Promotional lip balms can often be found relatively cheap making them perfect for university campuses! Look for different types such as lip balms that come in sticks, on key chains, or in small round or rectangle tins.

  • Mints - If at no other time in a person's life, the high school and college years demand fresh breath. Mints can be found in boxes, card cases, tins, on key ring containers, in individually wrapped packages, in tubes, or even in the form of minty strips. Shop around to find the type of container you like best for your promotion or business.

  • USB Flashdrives - University students and teachers use these daily! Since every bit of work they do is backed up on these devices, you can be sure these would be a welcome product! Look for different styles and colors you feel will suit the university you will be marketing too best. Of course, there are many unique ones available that could be conversation starters in the dorms!

Watch the video to find out about the power of promotional products:

When choosing promotional products, you should always think about what item will give you the most exposure, and be most appealing and useful to your target audience. With these ideas as inspiration, just give us a call if you would like help digging into the details of your next fantastically successful business promotion on campus. Just contact-EmbroidMe-San-Diego and we will be glad to help.