Marketing folks are always looking for unique and creative ways to promote their business. Here's an idea for using custom T-shirts as a key part of a marketing campaign that has a momentum building component, a special event component, and a residual component.

Component 1: Build Momentum With a T-Shirt Give Away

example-win-a-custom-tshirtTo appreciate the potential of this component, we need to look briefly at the special event component. The event example I'll use here is a prize giveaway that is scheduled to happen on Independence Day, but it could just as easily be the anniversary of your company, another federal holiday, or any other day of your choosing.

The momentum building component involves an ongoing and easy-to-win preliminary contest where contestants, along with their contact information, are drawn in from the sponsoring business's overall geographical area. The prize? A custom T-shirt that signifies the preliminary prize winner's qualification to win a grand prize or, possibly, one of several other smaller prizes to be awarded on the specific event date. The more winners of this preliminary contest, the better.

This momentum building component works especially well when promoted locally on social media, radio or TV. There could also be several secondary sponsors whose names would appear on the T-shirts and other promotional pieces in exchange for providing a smaller prize or other consideration. (Small biz tip: having co-sponsors helps defray the cost of t-shirt printing!)

Component 2:  Reward T-Shirt Wearers At Your Event

winners-wearing-custom-tshirtsOn Independence Day (or insert holiday of your choice here), winners of the preliminary contest are required to wear the custom T-shirt they won wherever they go between, say, 9am and 6pm. During that time, "prize officials" roam the area selecting a predetermined number of T-shirt wearers at random. Those selected people have their names and contact information entered in a prize drawing to be held at a special time/location. If you're planning a 4th of July promotion, schedule the big giveaway for just prior to the fireworks show.

Component 3:  Enjoy Residual Benefits

The residual components of a tshirt-based marketing campaign are two-fold.

marketing tshirtFirst, you have the name and contact information for all who entered the preliminary contest in the momentum building phase of the campaign. Now you can use that information to contact those individuals to re-market to them,  offering a special discount or other incentive as a "Thank You" for participating in the contest.

Second, contest participants will wear your custom T-shirt for as long as it lasts, keeping your company name out there in the community for years to come.

Adapt For Your Own Use 

This specific idea as presented here may not exactly fit the needs of your company, but hopefully you'll find it helpful in sparking your own creative ideas on how custom T-shirts can be used as a marketing tool for your business.

For additional ideas and help on how to use custom T-shirts and other promotional apparel in your company's marketing initiatives, contact us online, or call 858-571-0574.