bag-of-promotional-productsPromotional products are invaluable tools for any organization - from a small business to a large corporation to a non-profit, these products provide a great way to thank customers and employees for their support, gain new customers through marketing, and generate interest about your organization. And with the vast array of different products available today, you can easily create products that are absolutely buzz-worthy. With a little extra effort and some outside-the-box thinking, your promotional products can serve not only as extremely effective resources for marketing your organization, but truly meaningful, useful and thoughtful gifts for your existing and potential clientele and employees.

So how do you decide which products are right for you? With so many choices, it may seem a daunting task to narrow down the products that you might consider. EmbroidMe San Diego presents the following strategies as a few suggestions to get you started on your path to create the most unusual and effective products for your organization.

unique-promotional-productStrategy #1: Utilizing different promotional products during different times of the year.

A great way to make items more useful and meaningful to your clientele and employees is to base them around the season. In the months leading up to Christmas, you may want to distribute mugs, cookies and colorful ornaments. When summer hits, try giving out beach towels, SPF lip balm, hats and beach balls. This is a fun and whimsical way to celebrate the season while increasing your organization's presence at the same time. This strategy is very simple because it can be implemented by both small and large organizations of any background.

using-promotional-products-for-your-organizationStrategy #2: Using promo products that reflect the ideals and vision of your organization.

This strategy is especially useful for non-profit organizations, as the members share a specific interest and passion. An organization aimed at finding homes for shelter dogs might provide products such as water bowls, leashes and pet treat containers. A group concerned with promoting the environment could hand out promotional items made from recycled materials. Matching the goals of your organization with the products that you are distributing will further solidify your message with potential and existing members.

Strategy #3: Tailoring your promotional products to the individual interests of the recipients.

This strategy works best for small businesses that want to provide employees with items to show their gratitude for a job well done. If a certain employee is a big sports fan, you could provide a sports schedule calendar, a beverage can cooler and an embroidered baseball hat. If another employee enjoys cooking, consider giving that person an apron, oven mitt and spoon. This strategy requires the most effort and thought as it is a very individualized process, but these products will undoubtedly be appreciated and talked about long after you have given them to your employees.

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There are countless varieties of promotional products available, and the only limit to what you create for your clientele or employees is your imagination. Contact us and we will be happy to help you get started!