T-Shirts are Advertising (& More)

largest t shirtThe true value of an item is not always something you can put into dollars. For example, what's the value of the largest t-shirt ever recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records? This t-shirt measured 281.3 feet in length and 180.9 feet in width.  It was unveiled by American Idol finalist Danny Gokey on June 11, 2011,  during the 40th Annual CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. Part of the value of this particular t-shirt is that it was recycled and created 12,000 shirts to be donated to Nashville's school music programs. That spoke to the values of the organizers, and it generated a lot of publicity for the companies, and a great morale boost for all the people involved. Can you create a promotion or event, and gain some PR for your company, using t-shirts? (Yes, you can!). Although the t-shirts you use to promote your business may not be of such gargantuan proportions, they still have value beyond their cost, both as an advertising vehicle when worn around town, and perhaps even as a means of reinforcing the relationship between you and the employee or client who wears your shirt.

T-shirts Promote Values & Relationships

Let's look at the value of a t-shirt to its owner. Some represent memories, while others proclaim values or aspirations. Did you know that the average student leaves high school with at least 15 t-shirts from various activities they have been involved in during their school years? Many college students have as many as 50 "neatly folded t-shirts" from various university organizations and societies they admire. If you looked in the closet of an outdoorsman, you would most likely find t-shirts related to hunting, fishing, or the outdoors.  If you looked in a child's closet, you would quickly learn who their favorite superhero or cartoon character is by their t-shirt collection. Americans have had a love affair with the t-shirt since the 1950s...and there's no reason to think that's going to change any time soon.  I bet you have a favorite t-shirt at home right now -- what does it say?  

A few more thoughts...

Custom screen printed t-shirts as a business promotion tool should not be underestimated. They are a great way to identify groups or organizations within your company. They can be used to launch a new product or a new idea. They can be given as incentives, mementos, tokens of appreciation, or an award when a certain goal is met or a certain level is achieved. With a little ingenuity, t-shirts can help build morale and foster loyalty among your workers. Let's face it, t-shirts are just plain fun! 


Contact us and we can help you find fun and inventive ways to use t-shirts as promotional items or for other specific purposes. T-shirts are easy to care for, easy to wear, and easy to design for a large group of people as screen printing can be done on a variety of styles, shapes and sizes of t-shirts.  T-shirts are economical, but their real value is much more than their cost.