embroidered-baseball-hatEvery time you put on a shirt with a logo, you’re conscious of the fact that it has a logo. However, when it comes to embroidered hats, the logo is not so obvious. And many brands like Nike or Reebok put their own logos on hats anyway, so people are used to the idea of wearing a hat with a logo. As a result, giving your employees an embroidered hat might be a better idea than giving them embroidered shirts because they’re likely to wear them more often. If you’re wondering what type of hat to choose, here are some tips:

  • Baseball hat: This is likely to be the type of hat that people will wear most often.  A lot of people automatically reach for their baseball hats before leaving home. They’re useful for casual outings, going for a walk or a run, playing sports or running errands. Plus, they can be worn by both, men and women. It’s best to choose a neutral color like blue, black or beige. You can also get the adjustable kind so that one size will fit everyone in your office. Blue collar workers may wear a hat daily, even as part of their uniform. Office workers would not wear a cap at work, but rather at an event, or on the weekends and recreationally.

  • Fleece hat: If your business is located somewhere chilly, or you have an event in cool evening weather, a fleece hat will be just the thing. They’re really cozy and warm.  Plus, the logo is usually clearly seen on the front of a fleece hat. Like baseball hats, fleece hats (aka beanies) are unisex. So men and women will love to wear them. Men will probably like neutral colors like blue or grey while women will probably be more open to brighter colors like red or pink. If you’re thinking of going all out, you can even get matching scarves and gloves for your employees.
  • embroidered-fleece-hatFull brim hat: Another option is to get a hat with a full brim. Women love wide-brimmed straw hats that can be worn on the beach or on sunny days. Straw hats for men tend to be more cowboy or lifeguard style, and can often only have a logo on the hat band. Men and women alike will like bucket caps and other sporting and special use hats, and these offer a much larger canvas for decoration. Some styles have a neck flap and/or side flaps to provide extra shielding from the sun. 

Giving your employees embroidered hats is a great way to spread the word about your company and create a sense of belonging among your workers. There are also many other options such as embroidered sweatshirts, bags and jackets. Contact us for more custom embroidery and screen-printing options.